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Industrial Root Grapple

Our Industrial Root Grapple are built from 1/2″ thick steel plate on the top and bottom. We also incorporate 4″ square tubing. The Industrial root grapple recommended machine size is 45 – 65 hp. Our industrial root grapples are our top selling root grapple because most people own the 45 – 65 hp skid steer machines.


What makes this root grapple different is the thickness of the steel plate which is 1/2″ top and bottom compared to our Econimy Root Grapple which is 3/8″ top and bottom.


Industrial Root Grapple Specs


Recommended machine sizes: 45 – 65 HP.

1/2″ thick steel plate on the top and bottom.

4″ square tubing.

2″ bore by 10″ stroke cylinders.

Hydraulic lines routed inside the tubing to prevent tears.

Optional spacer tines.

Available Sizes: 63”, 66”, 72”, 78″, 81″.


Heavy Duty Root Grapple Attachments Extra Protection


Our skid steer heavy duty root grapple attachments are powder coated and all hoses come with protective sleeves to give the attachment the best protection.



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