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X-treme Rotating Tree Shear

Our X-treme Rotating Tree Shear is constructed with a 1’ thick AR400 blade, which gives you the ability to cut up to 12” diameter trees and logs. It has a 5” bore cylinder that can generate up to 30 tons of shearing force. The x-treme rotating tree shear features a 90 degree rotation that is offered in manual or hydraulic.    (Note: manual is a two man operation.)


X-treme Rotating Tree Shear Specs


1” thick AR400 blade.

30 tons of shearing force.

Capable of cutting 12” trees.

Hydraulic tree shear powered by a 5” x 12” cylinder.

90 degree rotation offered in manual or hydraulic.

Optional 8 pin or 14 pin universal wiring harness are available.


Skid Steer X-treme Rotating Tree Shear Attachments Extra Protection


Our skid steer x-treme rotating tree shear attachments are powder coated and all hoses come with protective sleeves to give the attachment the best protection.



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